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We will build a superiour water storage tank for less then any other company on the market. There is so much to consider when buiilding a storage water tank or any other storage tank.

Environmental factors should also be considered. Some conditions will dictate the design of the tanks you are going to buy or build. Areas that are exposed to seismic or wind and roof loads are not good for tall tanks. In some severe conditions, even the heavy duty vertical tanks can be brought down by the seismic conditions. This is because there will be a large surface area to bring the tanks down. In this case below ground water storage tanks will be appropriate since they are not exposed to severe conditions. Double wall tanks are also resistant to wind loads and roof loads.

Coating of the tank is another salient issue to determine. Water is an agent of rusting together with air. Therefore, if you have open top water storage tanks, for storage of water and the tank is not well coated it will corrode with the tank-building material. You need to coat the tank thoroughly and not leave any missed spots. The chemical used for coating should be safe for use by humans, animals and plants and not contaminate it. The advanced coating can also be used to regulate the temperature inside the tank. The coating can also help in balancing PH values.

We will build a water tank with in mind future development or company growth. This means that if you need more tanks it will be easy to add on. Your company cant grown if it cant have access to more water. More water more growth. If the growth of your business will lead requirement of more water, the foundation should be built in such a way that it can be extended. We build to all state required specifications. Our staff are not contractors - they are all very knowledgable and have had many years of training and have been certified.

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We build the best for less in the industry in North America.

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